Blue Board Rendering

Blue Board Rendering Services for Melbourne Homes

Blue board is a heavy-duty 7.5 mm sheet that is mostly used for external wall cladding for residential properties that are being renovated or extended. It’s designed to be rendered with an acrylic-based render that’s applied in thin coats, giving the property a beautiful rendered appearance without requiring any masonry work. Blue board is made from the same type of material as dry wall, although the paper that’s applied to it is different. As the name suggests, the paper that’s applied before blue board rendering is blue.

Blue board rendering is a preferred choice of builders, as this material is lightweight, quick to install, easily accessible and provides a smooth finish or textured coloured render finish.

Why Choose Us for Blue Board Rendering?

Blue board rendering work has to be conducted by wall-board tradesmen who are trained in the techniques required to properly apply blue board. At Crown Construction Services, we’ve been hired to perform blue board rendering work on many construction sites across Melbourne. Our qualified and friendly team can provide their services on construction projects that follow Australia’s strict construction guidelines.

The Benefits of Using Blue Board Rendering

  • It is easy to apply and finish
  • There’s no mixing needed
  • Flexible
  • Highly resistant to cracking
  • Water based
  • First-rate adhesive qualities

Enquire About Blue Board Rendering for Your Home Today

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