Polystyrene Foam

Foam Installation and Rendering Services for Melbourne Properties

Crown Construction Services will ensure that your walls are fully-protected and maintain their visual appeal with our foam installation and rendering services. Our team has many years of experience in Melbourne’s residential plastering and commercial rendering sector, meaning we can proudly provide all types of clients with long-lasting rendered foam wall cladding.

What Is Rendered Foam Wall Cladding?

This is a process that’s followed to build walls for external areas of new houses or home extensions. Rendered foam wall cladding is strong, resistant to movement, and has beneficial thermal insulation properties. It’s the best method of blending an extension with the rest of a house, as it’s simple and fast to attach to a new building frame. Crown Construction Services uses durable foam cladding Melbourne residents can greatly benefit from.

How Do Polystyrene Walls Benefit the Environment?

As there has been much talk of how certain materials impact the environment, construction companies have become more adamant about utilising eco-friendly materials for the houses they build. Polystyrene walls are far more airtight, provide great wall insulation, and are energy efficient. Airtight polystyrene walls prevent pollutants, allergens and irritants from entering your home, which is highly beneficial for homeowners who have allergies or a sensitive respiratory system.

The Benefits of Rendered Foam Wall Cladding

  • Durable materials are used that are high in quality
  • Significantly more airtight than traditional construction materials
  • Can be fitted into any shape as required
  • Quick to install
  • Reduced construction costs
  • Saves homeowners money on energy costs
  • Lightweight material that’s easy to install
  • Eco-efficient
  • Applicable to new constructions and renovation jobs
  • Compliant with Australian building codes

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